Azogires – The paradies of myths and magic


If you ask tourists in the small artist town of Paleochora whether they know Azogires, there are only two possible answers. No, I’ve never heard that before. or Yes, of course! Lucky is a very funny guy and the landscape and the waterfall. A real paradise. This or something like this, are the answers of […]

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Hikes and lessons


I could tell about hikes with Wakan from many different perspectives. All points of view have one thing in common: We have enchanting landscapes and unforgettable experiences as companions. What you experience during a hike, you already determine with the mood that got you going. And so each hike is a unique lesson in itself. […]

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Crete – a small mythology excursion


In mythology Gaia brought the newborn Zeus to Crete so that he would not be devoured by his father Kronos like his siblings. Years later Zeus fell in love with the beautiful Europe and kidnapped her from Palestine to have three children with her on Crete. It was his son Minos who, with the help […]

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