To learn new things, it is necessary to leave the old behind. And sometimes a journey is the most effective way to step out from your routins and rediscover the astonishment of a child.

Because then all senses are attentive. All impressions and every new experience will be taken up without the filter of habit, internalized and integrated into our memory.

This mood of curiosity and the openness for new things, some seminar leaders, teachers and coaches already successfully use for some years to convey all seminar content to all participants long-term, effective and with ease.

With Masimou you have a strong partner for your seminar organization in Crete by your side. Tailored to your intended content, I can find the right location for you, the accommodations for your participants and of course an optimal catering option.

An individual afternoon program, evening events or absolute silence. Whatever you wish for your event and its participants, I make it possible for you.

Do you have any questions or interest in holding your seminar in Crete? Just let me know.