The power of Silence – Your silence Retreat on Crete

die kraft der Stille

The power of silence
Your Silent Retreat from 6 – 13 April 2019

Presence in the moment is achieved through absolute attention. To be 100% attentive or conscious in a situation, we succeed when we are observers of that situation. An observer has the ability not to evaluate, to judge, to change or even to reject what he sees.

True silence can be achieved even in the loudest noise

What prevents us from being observers, however, are thought concepts, conditioning, beliefs, fears and learned impulses such as that of “having to do”. In order to recognize this, we must first step out of our usual field of action.

There are various aids and techniques such as yoga, meditation or autogenic training. This allows us to rest for short moments and recharge our batteries.

But as soon as we leave the yoga course, the meditation room or the autogenic training, we are again in the middle of the hectic of everyday life.

And the strength we have just gathered is again distributed between job, family and the fulfillment of our wishes. The silence is a mood that is reached in the absence of an identification with the self and can arise independently of the outside.

In order to reach this mood, it requires an absolute readiness to recognize all concepts within us and to develop the ability to be an observer.

The Silent Retreat offers you over a period of 6 days the opportunity to come closer to the mood of silence. During the whole retreat Sara is at your disposal with her knowledge. She works exclusively practice-oriented and you yourself decide how deep you want to get into your experiential process.

The basis of the Retreat is a silence of several days, through which you have the possibility to recognize your routines, evaluations, fears, thoughts – and faith patterns.

Favoured by the remoteness of the place, the given outer silence is used as a springboard to dive more quickly into the cognitive process of one’s own patterns.

Recognizing your programs is the prerequisite for experiencing inner silence. Through different methods and techniques you will be shown how to align and use your energy to reach, maintain and immerse inner silence at any time.

You can intensify your cognition process by spending the whole time of the retreat in silence.

This gives you the opportunity to go deep into certain issues such as fears, traumas or grief and to dissolve them.
You will be accompanied by Sara and practise techniques and methods that are specially adapted to you and your topics and support the dissolving process.

Your companion

silenceSilence has nothing to do with the outside, nor with the suppression of impulses.

Her many years of practical training in all areas of being (including meditation in silence, self-knowledge, social-religious & spiritual worldviews, body/mind functionality, shamanism, magic, reality & dream, perception & awareness, non-doing and silence) will lead you to inner silence with the help of her extensive knowledge.



Your Silent Retreat will take place at the Metacom Resort in Anidri/Paleochora in the southwest of Crete.

The resort is located in a secluded location about 1.5km from the sea and the artist town of Paleochora. The seminar area is spacious, rich in old olive, citrus and various fruit trees and has directly adjacent hiking trails into the mountains and to the sea.

The whole complex is built in ecological clay construction, which provides the rooms with a natural and pleasant climate.

The warm water is produced self-sufficiently by solar collectors and also the available electricity comes from the photovoltaic plant of the area.

So you are accommodated in a holistic natural environment, which makes it easy for you to leave your everyday life behind and recharge your batteries.

During your spiritual journey you will be accommodated in a double room with shower and WC.


The arrival is by plane to the nearest airport Chania or alternatively to Heraklion, on 6 April 2019. If assistance is needed with the flight and/or rental car booking, please contact us.

The total value of your seminar trip including 7 nights in a double room, shared breakfast and light lunch is 500€.

Your booking becomes binding with a deposit of 100€.

For further questions about the retreat, booking and travel planning please contact us directly.


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