I love food, and you’ll find me mostly accompanied by 4 legged fellows.

I’ve been living around Paleochora six years and have spent my time here getting to know the island and its people better. It is exactly these experiences that I’d like to share with you.

The first thing I learned in Crete was that versatility is a big part of cretan life. There is hardly anyone in Paleochora who has only one “job”. Hotel owners also have sheep or olive groves, greenhouses and occasionally all of these, the cook also gives language courses and yoga classes and the same person that delivers your fridge is also a photographer.

Getting to know the people here better took a lot of time. Time that you don’t usually have on your holiday. And as I also love to organize things, one part of my own versatility is to connect people through their interests.


I’m a long-time resident of Paleochora, having given up my native Scotland with its beautiful sea and landscapes in favour of the mountains, sea and beaches in a much warmer climate! 

Most of my near 30 years here have been spent working in tourism, and getting to know what appeals to visitors.  From the many hours chatting to friend-guests on a café terrace, what seems to appeal mostly for people is finding a connection with the local community, to get to know the families, the nature, the lifestyle and surroundings. 

And similarly, I’ve come to know many families from countries across the globe; children grow and eventually bring their own children to meet us – there’s not much more connecting than that….. Except perhaps RAKI!!…. as the popular t.shirts will remind us.

My love for Paleochora and the area has never waned, it’s a joy to share my experiences and knowledge with others enthusiastic to embrace all that there is on offer……including the Raki!